Not sure what system is the best for your situation? 

There are a few things you need to consider when selecting the right system.  What type of event are you having?  How many guests will be in attendance?  Is power available at the location?  What do you want to accomplish using the system (speaking / music / dancing)?

Here is our recommendations based on event types and our experience.  Make sure to read the description detail on each item in the rental store when you click on them.

Wedding Ceremony

We have 3 systems that are designed for sound reinforcement for a wedding ceremony in Northern Michigan.

If you are in a location that has NO power like many of the beautiful locations in Traverse City and Northern Michigan such as beaches, golf courses, vineyards etc., this is the system that we recommend - Battery Operated Speaker

Our 2 other systems do require power, so you will need a place where you can plug into.

If your expecting 100 guests or less, we recommend this system - Ceremony System

If you expecting 150 guests or more, we recommend this system - Ceremony System

Receptions or Dance Parties

Our complete DJ system gives you everything you would need that a professional Traverse City DJ would provide.  It is the exact systems that we used when we were a professional DJ in Northern Michigan.  This system includes wireless mic, dance floor lights with lighting controller and built in CD Players. - Complete DJ System

Our small DJ system is similar to our complete system but it does not include a wireless mic, lights or a cd player.  You have the option to add a wireless mic though dance floor lights are not included.  You have the option of adding 1 dance floor light that will run automatically as there is no lighting controller in this unit. - DJ System