Can having a DJ system make a graduation open house more memorable?

Absolutely!  Graduation open houses are no different than weddings in respect to what makes it exciting; it’s about the people, food, and music and of course, the dancing.   That’s why it’s a good idea to break your high school graduation party into two parts: one for your family and one for the friends.  Having fun with your grandparents and great aunts and uncles is a different kind of fun than the fun you have with your high school friends.  For example, you can invite all your relatives and friends to celebrate with you from 12-3 p.m. and friends from 3-6 p.m.  

So adding a Do It Yourself DJ rental system will give you the control you need at the right time?

YES!  You control all aspects of the DJ system, the song, the volume, and the bass, all instantly changed with the touch of a button when the timing and moments are just right.

Imagine how happy your older relatives will be when they arrive and you add their favorite song or golden oldie on your playlist and they realize what a special effort you took to remember them on your special day!  You can adjust the atmosphere through the music you choose!

Your parents’ friends will appreciate the sound adjustments you can easily control and adjust as your guests come and go; adjustments that will keep the entertainment factor on a high note for the entire party.  And after the grandparents are gone you can play the music they may not approve of that your friends enjoy.  

So, it’s all about having the music your way and insuring everyone has FUN?

Exactly!  The most remembered graduation parties have - permanent entertainment that is tailored to your guest preferences, can begin on demand and is continually happening.  Hook up your iPod or computer and let the fun begin.

YOU- DJ provides the WOW factor needed to make your graduation the memorable, fun and successful event you hope to host.  

Take your party to the next level with YOU-DJ rental systems.

Book our graduation party package if you want to make your graduation party the most thrilling talked about event of the year.  Heighten the experience of your guests by playing your favorite songs.  Playing the right music at the right time is a major key to making your graduation party memorable, successful and fun.  Our systems give you the control making your party as unique as you are.  YOU-DJ has the best equipment, service and costs available in the area, book today!

Most importantly, before you begin planning, establish your budget.

If you don’t want to host the party in your home, consider a hall, local club (Elks, UAW, etc.), hotel meeting space, church space or a local park.

The most convenient time is during the weekend between noon and 6 p.m., at least a week or two after the graduation ceremony because many people go on vacation immediately afterwards and before the month of August when many students move to campuses.

The open house style works best and it should last a minimum of three hours.  Consider co-sponsoring the event to save on costs or have a two stage party, earlier for family and later for friends.  This later party could easily be co-sponsored with friends.  Don’t forget the music by You-DJ and be sure to download your song selections beforehand from a site like Spotify that is tailored to your guests.

It is best to mail invitations a month in advance.  Include your name, date, and address for your party and whether it will be inside or outside.  E-invites are rarely checked by young people and may go unopened, so we recommend you avoid them.  Do not include a RSVP, it just makes things more difficult for you and people you invite verbally will make up the difference.

Thanks for Coming!
A finishing touch can be an inexpensive thank you goody bag with water, candy or mints and a small thank you note so you don’t need to send them out afterwards.  This is a great and appreciated option for guests making graduation party rounds and it has the added benefit of not having to send out additional thank you cards later.